Things To Do On The Island?

- Nothing, on a lounge chair on the beach moved along
   by good company and a tropical drink.

- Bike or drive a golf cart along the scenic island roads.  Visit Tahiti Beach at the far end of the island while checking out the great sea vistas along the way.

- Tour the lighthouse across the harbor.  It is one of the three kerosene lighthouses left in the world and is still manually operated as it was almost 150 years ago.

- Snorkel on abundant reefs just off the beach.

- Take a dive charter with Froggies Diving to Fowl Cay to explore the barrier reef there.

- Rig up and go kiteboarding!

- Tour the island and Sea of Abaco by boat or kayak & lay claim to your own island for the day.  Prospective boat operators be sure to read this.

-  Take a shopping trip to Marsh Harbor.

-  Day trip via Marsh Harbor to Man-O-War Cay (Photo-Bob Friel)

- Walk a block down the road and see the Wyannie Malone Museum.

- Raid the island shops for gifts and plunder.

-  Checkout shipwrights constructing sailing vessels by hand.

- Go fishing and see what you bring up.

- Tow or Kite In Surfing into the Big Stuff.  Not real likely in late May but Chuck Patterson has been towing in off the cay already.  That's Pete Cabrinha on his 70 ft. monster in Maui (Photo- Eric Aeder)

-  Still more ideas appear HERE and HERE

 *** Oh, you could go  to a wedding, rehearsal dinner, cruise, etc., could be fun!

Dress on the island is casual.  Shorts serve for much of the time, you might want to bring  raincoat for just in case.  Dress for the wedding is elegant tropical attire.

There are generally no telephones in the rooms (nor TV's).  The front desk will forward messages.  You may save money by using a prepaid BaTelCo calling card purchased in the Bahamas.  Your cell phone may or may not work.  If you want to see a flick, bringing along a portable DVD player and movies might make sense.  Snorkelers and divers can rent gear from Froggies a block from the Hopetown Harbour Lodge along with bicycles.  If you plan to rent a golf cart and/or boat, it would be wise to reserve one in advance as there may be some demand over the holiday weekend.  Please visit the links listed below for golf cart and boat rental info. 

Some links to a wide variety of useful information dealing with bike, golf cart and boat rentals (NOTE: you may want to reserve rentals in advance of the holiday weekend), cell phones, passports,  grocery stores, etc.  for travelers to Elbow Cay in the Abacos include:

Dr. Ralph

More about Hopetown and Elbow Cay can be found at:

Frommers - Guide To Elbow Cay

The Abaconian - downloadable issues of the local newspaper and great source of information
 Frommers HERE

If you have questions please contact Laura ( or Rick ( for assistance.  We are looking forward to sharing this special day with you.